Why crypto arbitrage traders don't have to be coders

Simple trading strategies often work best

With stocks, evaluate the company and its prospects. But you usually have to wait to take a profit and the market can turn unexpected against you. In cross-exchange crypto arbitrage, buy from low price exchanges and sell fast to high price exchanges.

You are very unlikely to discover a strategy that works as well as the simple ones. Here's a secret about traders who code: Most traders who are coders try many complex strategies. Then they settle on automating a simple one.

You don't have to do the coding yourself

You can:

  1. Spend months — or years — writing code yourself.
  2. Use a service like TopArb.

It's your choice.

Your judgement is critical

Risk is so complex that it's often almost a pure judgement call.Read Jon Gregory's Counterparty Credit Risk if you want to know just how complicated it is.

Your judgement supported by a good trading platform is the best choice.

Ok, maybe you're sure you want to code your own strategy. It still makes sense to get a service so you don't duplicate work. Use Selenium to integrate any service with your own software.

And never forget, a bot bug can wipe you out.