Why Subscribe to TopArb Trader

TopArb keeps you in control of your money and your trades.

There are other companies that let you take advantage of crypto arbitrage, but they use bots to handle your trades. The risk with bots is that if anything goes wrong with a bot, it can wipe you out in no time. That's an unnecessary risk.

Unlike stock or commodity trading where you have a limited number of exchanges, there are hundreds of crypto exchanges. Arbitrage opportunities abound so you have time to decide which opportunity is best for you.

You get much more profit. TopArb monitors 187 exchanges for you. It then selects the best right now. You get much wider spreads between buy and sell prices. That means much more profit.

Your money and financial details are between you and the exchanges where you have accounts.

All keys and passwords for the exchanges are never on TopArb's servers. They are stored in your local browser storage

We never track your transactions. We know if you're a customer, where you have accounts, and when you're trading. TopArb places orders directly from your device to each exchange. We don't know how much, which currencies, or if you even completed an order.