What would it be like to get more market opportunities & lower your trading risk?

Much less risk. Losing money is miserable. It's why trading is stressful. Every bad trade hurts. Relieve the pain with TopArb Trader. Instead of hoping the price will move in your favor, you know the prices are in your favor. The prices are real offers right now. Why lose money when you don't have to?

That's the biggest advantage of cross-exchange arbitrage. You know your buy and sell prices in advance. And because trades are completed in days or less, you get your profit now. No more health damaging worry that the market will move against you. Enjoy the intense satisfaction of consistent profits

From the London School of Economics, via Harvard Law: "There are large and recurring deviations in bitcoin prices that open up across different exchanges and often persist for several hours, and, in some instances, days and weeks." "Transaction costs . . . are small in comparison to the arbitrage spreads."

Source: Trading and Arbitrage in Cryptocurrency Markets by Igor Makarov with London School of Economics and Antoinette Schoar with MIT

So why isn't everyone talking about this? You already know that people don't talk about the very best deals until they're over. Hedge funds have been quietly reaping profits from arb for years. Some arb traders are afraid competition will reduce their profits. They don't want it to get too crowded. A few even try to scare other traders away. Right now you can still get these great deals. Don't wait til they're gone.

Don't miss the best arbitrage opportunities. See into every corner of the market. If you're limited to trading with a handful of heavily marketed exchanges, you can't make much money. Get better market opportunities, because you get many more offers.

You keep all the profit after exchange fees. TopArb Trader sends your orders straight from your browser to the exchange. There's no middleman between you and the exchanges to cut your profit.

One app for over 180 exchanges. Compare prices at a glance. Avoid the errors that are far too likely when every exchange looks different. Learn just one simple app.

Get free training from our The Comprehensive Guide to Bitcoin Arbitrage. You've already seen how crypto arbitrage can generate great profits. But how do you get them? Learn how it works, how to pick good exchanges, why there's almost no price risk, and how to manage the remaining risks. Get answers to your questions.

Security is critical. Privacy is priceless. You don't give away access to your banking accounts. Why would you give away access to your trading accounts? We never have your money, keys or exchange credentials.

Your credentials are not stored unless you request it. They are never sent to TopArb's server. If you decide you don't want to enter your exchange credentials every time you trade, they are stored on your own device.

Your trades execute directly between you and each exchange. TopArb doesn't track your trades or use third party trackers. TopArb does not accept deposits. We can't lose your money or sell your private data. We don't have it.

Get mobile access to a 24 hour market. Don't stay stuck at a desk. Trade from anywhere, anytime you like. Live and work wherever you choose. You don't miss so many great opportunities. And there are more whenever you're ready.

No coding required. You can code a custom trading bot with TopArb Trader, but there's really no need. As a trader, your ability to evaluate risk is much more valuable than your ability to code. Here's a software secret: algorithms and AIs are not great at analyzing risk without a lot of data. The biggest risk in the past was that prices would move against you. With arbitrage, that's mostly gone.

Learn what you need to know fast. TopArb Trader finds opportunities for you. Without software this takes so much time that the best trades are gone. You pick good exchanges and open accounts. Then just place your orders. You don't have to puzzle out how to use every exchange, because TopArb Trader makes them look the same. None of what you have to do is complex.

Other than trading capital, your expenses are minimal. You will have to make an initial deposit at each exchange you choose, say $500. That's a small price to pay for winning trades.

TopArb works hard to reduce risk of addiction. A quiet interface. Safe defaults. Thinking encouraged. It's a very different experience from the global trend to increase "engagement". Maximum engagement means addiction.

Crystal clear interface means less uncertainty and fewer errors. Many businesses work hard to maximize ad views or transaction fees. TopArb's flat fee subscription eliminates any motive to waste your time or money.

High Speed Trading isn't an issue. When HST works there isn't much difference in prices. You can see that's not the case with crypto arbitrage. HST arb requires a machine physically very close to each exchange. There are many crypto exchanges, scattered all over the world.

Skip bad trades. It's a lot easier to make money when you know your buy and sell prices in advance. Even if the exchange where you expected to sell drops out you're still fine, because you bought near the low end of the market. With over 180 exchanges you have plenty of other good opportunities.

Lower risks mean more profit. You know your buy and sell prices before you trade. There's no long term price anxiety, because you buy and sell at almost the same time. It doesn't matter if prices are going up or down. What matters is that exchanges have different prices. Volatility isn't your enemy any more. It widens those price differences. Which reduces your risk more. And of course, increases your profit.