Cross-exchange Cryptocurrency Trading App

TopArb Trader is an extremely powerful and private cross exchange arbitrage app for 187 exchanges.

Advantages of TopArb Trader

  • Know your buy and sell prices in advance
  • Get the best prices available
  • Not locked in to a single exchange
  • One app. No need to learn a new platform for each exchange
  • Fast compounding or income generation with cross-exchange arbitrage
  • Spread your risk across different exchanges
  • Hedge with multiple open contracts at one time

Your money and financial details are private, between you and the exchanges where you have accounts. All keys and passwords for the exchanges are stored in your local browser storage, never on TopArb's servers. We know if you're a customer, where you have accounts, and when you're trading. We never track your transactions. Trader places orders directly from your device to each exchange. We don't know how much, which currencies, or if you even completed an order.

TopArb Trader is a flat fee subscription based service. We do not accept deposits or handle any of the money for your currency purchases and sales.

Know your buy and sell prices in advance. One app for almost all exchanges.Priceless privacy.