Crypto Arbitrage Propaganda

You'll hear a lot of propaganda about arbitrage from incompetent traders, high price exchanges, etc. Decide what's true for yourself.

The government is just going to ban Bitcoin

It's way too late.

"You’d Have To Shut Down The Internet" to ban Bitcoin says Hester Peirce, SEC Commissioner.

The spreads between buy and sell prices are too small

Pure nonsense. Let's hear from someone knowledgeable who has actually studied this.

From the London School of Economics, via Harvard Law:

"There are large and recurring deviations in bitcoin prices that open up across different exchanges and often persist for several hours, and, in some instances, days and weeks."

"Transaction costs . . . are small in comparison to the arbitrage spreads."

Source: Trading and Arbitrage in Cryptocurrency Markets by Igor Makarov with London School of Economics and Antoinette Schoar with MIT.

The fees are too high

This excuse is promoted by high fee exchanges. Many exchanges have low fees. Some have none.

Of course it's harder to make money if you're paying margin fees. So don't do that.

Expenses are greater than the spread

Lower your expenses. Your expenses are often directly in your control. Any business that doesn't control expenses will have trouble making money.

Bitcoin is already the best investment in millenia. Why risk crypto arbitrage?

Ok, this isn't propaganda. It depends on your appetite for risk.

Of course take the profit from Bitcoin prices going up, up, up. But why not make even more?